Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks…

June already. How did that happen?

This past weekend was splendid. K.’s friend T. was in town, visiting from Germany. T. comes about once a year for a long weekend or so with two major goals (other than visiting with friends): shopping and baseball. The Red Sox, to be exact. Which is a good thing, since we’re all Sox fans here. So T. scheduled his visit with the Red Sox’s schedule, and came to DC so we would be able to catch a game in Baltimore. This year the Sox aren’t playing the Orioles as often as they typically do, and most of the series in Baltimore are during the week instead of during the weekend, so the options are limited.

It turns out that it was a good weekend to be in Baltimore. It didn’t look that way earlier in the day — T. and I were shopping at the outlet mall between DC and Baltimore when the first of the thunderstorms crashed through…by the time we made it to B’more there was a tornado warning. Not such a good thing when we were planning to sail on over to the Inner Harbor (a quick “sail”…more like “motor”), dock there and then head on over to Camden Yards. It was looking iffy while the marina folks were putting a interdict on moving boats anywhere. But, the rain let up, no tornadoes materialized, and we headed on over, Boston flag flying.

Staying at the Inner Harbor is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with the sailboat, particularly if you’re headed over to the stadium to catch a game. It’s a 15 minute walk over, a free (more or less) place to stay overnight, and, as was the case this weekend, a conversation starter with all the Boston fans that were hanging out at the Inner Harbor before and after the game. I mean, what could be better than staying on a sailboat festooned with Red Sox paraphernalia, with a Sox-shirt-wearing crew (drinking Sam Adams, what else)? (OK, maybe a suite at the Intercontinental, but we’re budget conscious or something.) We didn’t get our usual prime spot due to this little boat enormous ship:

(the 308′ Spanish Navy Tall Ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano), but we did discover some previously unknown super-duper spots to dock the boat in the Inner Harbor.

The real attraction, however, was the ball game. The night before, the Sox had prevailed over the Orioles in 13 innings and we all hoped they’d repeat the victory in just 9 (well, except for T., who always likes extra innings — more value for the ticket price!). We had decent seats — pretty high up, but nicely behind home plate.

In a good spot to catch this:

500, originally uploaded by jessiespress.

Go Manny!

I love Camden Yards.

It’s a gorgeous park, and large enough to fit all the Red Sox fans that fill the stands plus the handful of faithful (and good natured) Orioles fans that manage to get tickets to their own home game. (Check out the ratio of Red Sox to Orioles gear on the table on the way into the park…and the camera angle favors the Oriole gear!)

Really…many call it “Fenway South,” although I prefer “Boston South” since Fenway can’t be duplicated.


4 thoughts on “Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks…

  1. awesome! we had seats right near there on friday night, but saturday we were out in left. next time i’ll have to find myself a berth on a sailboat, that’s CLEARLY the way to travel!

  2. What an incredible weekend! I love the Inner Harbor (and Camden Yards – if not as much as Fenway of course.) We lived in Carroll County, MD when I was in high school, and one year had season tickets to the O’s. A beautiful new stadium, and the best pit beef sandwiches from Boog Powells. Yum.

    Anyway, that’s awesome you got to see Manny break the record, and sailing there sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great video! Thanks for sharing. Sailing down there – what a great way to travel – if you ever need an extra deck hand just let me know!! 😉

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