back to the grind

The weekend was glorious…weather perfect (if a bit cool), good times with good friends, what more could you ask for?  (Maybe a few extra days off?)

We set sail on Saturday for Maryland’s Eastern Shore, staying in Rock Hall on Saturday night and Fairlee Creek on Sunday night.  Rock Hall is home of the world’s best Crab Dip (at Waterman’s) and we stuffed ourselves full of really good, fresh seafood.

It was our first time at Fairlee Creek — the marina was very nice (some of the nicest bathrooms I’ve seen around, which is always a selling point when sailing!), but the restaurant was very disappointing.   Let’s just say I’m glad I had the hamburger; everyone else got the crab cakes and were not especially pleased.  All the same, we had a nice trip.  I forgot to take out the camera, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

It was good to get away, and we were back in time to catch the new Indiana Jones movie yesterday evening.  Now it’s back to work, rushing headlong into what looks like a very busy summer!


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