what? this is a knitting blog?

The last time I actually blogged about knitting was….. almost month ago!

But the knitting has continued, despite the lack of blogging. It took me most of last week to swatch for the current project, Isabella. This might sound familiar to you long-time readers (all 5 of you!)… If you recall, I mentioned procuring yarn for this project back in March of 2007 (here), and then giving up before I even started last May (here).

Picot Edging

This May I’m really giving it a try (I think I’m less intimidated about things on small needles than I was this time last year). I procured different yarn (Rowan 4-ply cotton, the yarn the pattern calls for, instead of a sub), went down a needle size and got gauge (I hope the swatch doesn’t lie again!). I’m about 1/3 through the back, and I’d like to say how much I like knitting in the round and how much I dislike purling! This top is knit flat and then seamed, which requires lots of purling. While I learned to knit continental style last fall (and love it), the purl stitch really messes with my gauge and so the fabric’s not really even when I purl continentally. So, I purl English-style, and even that is a little iffy gauge-wise. I guess practice makes perfect (or at least better, hopefully). Even so, I really like the color of the yarn I’m using, and I think that it will be a relatively quick knit, even if it is on 2.75mm needles!

My other project is one you last saw when I last blogged about knitting…Baby Bo’s sweater.

I’m done with the knitting, and now just need to do the finishing! This lovely little project had NO purling, except for the bindoff, which wasn’t bad at all. The ends are another story, though.

It will be all done by the time Baby Bo arrives, but probably not before Baby Bo moves, in utero, to Kentucky with his or her parents, Beth & Mitch (all the pesky ends to weave in will take a bit). Besides, the sweater is definitely not sized for a newborn…I knit at a larger gauge than was called for (intentionally!). I’ll be interested in finding out at what age it will fit!

It has been such a pleasure getting to know Mitch & Beth again — we all went to college together, but in the interim our communication was patchy — especially since we have a lot in common (other than height of course!). I’ll miss them, but Bowling Green isn’t terribly far from Tennessee, which is a place I’ll be visiting sooner or later, so I foresee future visits with these great folks (and baby). Plus, Beth has a blog and is on Ravelry, so she’ll be close-by in cyberspace!

Happy Friday, all!  I’m so glad it’s here…it’s been a long week!  And happy Memorial Day to those in the US! While everyone enjoys their long weekend, cookouts, trips, or sailing (in our case), take some time to remember those who have served and are serving for our country.


One thought on “what? this is a knitting blog?

  1. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you and the beautiful work you do? It’s gorgeous … and your descriptions are coherent, interesting, and enjoyable to read. (I often wonder how much knitting you’d be bestowing on the world if you were trying to finish your Ph.D.!) So glad you’ll get to Tennessee sooner or later, enroute to or from the lovely Kentucky. 🙂 Mom

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