I was going to have knitting content today, but it’s rainy out and the light was no good for photo taking.  Instead, here’s another set of photos from my Italian adventure, this time from Pisa.  It was an in-and-out trip to Pisa; I went there and back in about half a day.  It’s a quick trip by train from Florence, and I couldn’t see why I shouldn’t check out the leaning tower for myself.  I’m glad I did!

One thing I particularly liked about this part of Pisa was the green space.  I noticed that Florence was pretty much all paved…not much green space inside the city.  So it was a breath of fresh air to come upon the piazza with the cathedral, campanile and baptistery all set on lush green grass.  It was sunny when I got there, and the white of the marble sparkled against the blue sky.

There it is…all lean-y and stuff.

Peaking out from behind the cathedral of Pisa

The baptistery.

Inside the baptistery.  I really liked this space.

Over the entrance to the Camposanto.

The long arcade of the cloister inside the Camposanto.

The Arno in Pisa…with thunderclouds rolling in.  My visit was well-timed…by the time I got on the train to head back to Florence it was raining cats and dogs.  These and a few more pictures of Pisa are here.

One more installment of the Italian adventure to come…Assisi.  Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Pisa

  1. That last photo is such a great “real” travel photo! I love all your pics, but something about this one of the Arno makes me feel the clammy air and smell rain.

  2. Nice photos of Tuscany If you want to see Pisa when it wasn’t wet and also what Siena (Sienna) is like in July. Are you also planning to visit Lucca, San Gimigano or Volterra?

  3. Great pictures – you have a knack for making one feel like you are there! I really am enjoying them!

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