My camera cable is still MIA. I think it will have to be replaced (so that I will find it as soon as I bring one home). That doesn’t mean you can’t get pictures though…now that I’ve been back from my Italian adventure for over a month, why not share the pictures from Florence?

The ubiquitous Arno…an icon of Florence

The Ponte Vecchio…the only bridge in Florence not destroyed in WWII. Lots of overpriced jewelry here.

Pallazzo Vecchio

Santa Croce…possibly my favorite church in Florence.

Flea market on a Sunny Sunday…

Santa Maria del Fiore, otherwise known as Il Duomo

Il Duomo

Inside the Dome, the Last Judgment

Piazza del Limbo…built on the site of a burial ground for unbaptized babies…rather sad, if you ask me.

SS Apostoli…a sweet little church…

San Lorenzo, the church of the Medicis

San Frediano

Notice a trend? Lots of churches. They’re everywhere! You nip into Santa Trinita and see a Ghirlandaio or a della Robbia. Fra Angelico? Head to the monastery at San Marco.

I loved Florence. The city is smaller than you think — easily walkable (despite uneven roads and sidewalks). The Piazzas are splendid, and you never know what you may find around the next corner. The food is spectacular (Da Sergios on the oltrarno is a great place), I’ve already mentioned the gelato, and I was reminded how much difference a well-pulled espresso can make between a good and a great afternoon.

These and more pictures are here.


One thought on “Florence

  1. oops – look at foggy bottom for my posting that should have been here! That bungee jump sure got your mom all twisted up!

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