I love Wednesdays

Every Wednesday from April to November, DC Freshfarm Markets holds a market outside the Foggy Bottom Metro. I have to walk through it to get home…how much easier could it possibly be to pick up some yummy, fresh, local produce? Today I got some radishes (I forgot how much I like radishes) and some lilacs. Ok, lilacs aren’t exactly edible, but the made me thing of my years in Rochester (NY) and the lovely lilacs in Highland Park. I don’t know if they’re in bloom yet (Rochester readers?), but there is about a week in May where you can drive up Mt. Hope Avenue or through the park with your windows down and have the fragrance infuse the air around you. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to get some at one of the stands. Now my living room smells like Highland Park in May. yay! (here’s hoping they don’t make my allergies go crazy)

I took pictures, but my camera cord is MIA.

In other, more exciting news, hurrah for blog friends! Last night I met Pia. We’ve been talking about getting together for months, and only just managed to meet yesterday. Good times! She’s not psycho (well, no more than I am), seems super cool and isn’t afraid of some fried food (those sweet potato fries & pretzels rocked!). Hopefully it won’t take another nine months to hang out again.

ETA:  She posted about me too!


2 thoughts on “I love Wednesdays

  1. The warm weather in Rochester last month brought an early start to the lilac blossoms. The lilac tree off my deck is popping – not yet fragrant, though. The festival begins over Mother’s Day weekend and should be fantastic this year!

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