Not-so-lazy Sunday afternoon

It’s a cloudy Sunday afternoon, not rainy, but also not the kind of day where you feel guilty if you’re not outside soaking up the fresh air and sun (that was yesterday).  It’s been a productive day, too, and it’s not over yet!

Spent the morning updating my stash in Ravelry…it seems that it’s going to be a Rowan Spring/Summer as I listed all of these:

Rowan Summer Tweed

Rowan Felted Tweed

Rowan 4-Ply cotton

Rowan Calmer

Rowan Handknit Cotton

The best part about the yarn above–each is already destined for a project.  I’ve got enough knitting to keep me going for quite a while!!

I also finally added my latest FO to Ravelry, albeit with a terrible picture.  K. is most definitely not a photographer, but this does give you the general idea…

It’s the Frock Camisole from the Spring Interweave Knits.  It was a superfast knit, and it fits pretty well!  A note on how short I am: the pattern tells you to knit the straps to a little over 11″.  I knit up to 10, knowing full well that 11+ would be too long.  Well, I pulled out about 2.5″ from what I had knit, making the straps 7.5″ — 4″ shorter than the pattern called for!  I also shortened the body by about an inch and a half.  It fits perfectly, though, and I’m much happier with this than I was with the Hourglass Sweater.  Details on Ravelry.

We did a little work out on the balcony, planting this year’s herbs and prettifying the place with geraniums and such.  Pictures of that soon!

Tonight we have friends over for dinner, so next up is running to the store to get ingredients.  I think it’s going to be Maple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin.  Yum.

I’ve also made progress on the newest project (Beth, if you don’t want to know what Baby Bo’s going to get, don’t scroll down!)


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