H is for…

Histamines. As in the ones the anti-histamines don’t seem to be getting rid of. Ugh. I know I’ve been a crap blogger lately…it’s been weeks since I returned from Florence and you haven’t even seen pictures of Florence yet! And there’s Pisa and Assisi, too…

But I’ve been overcome by the tree pollen that seems to coat everything outside…and inside my sinuses. I am hopped up on everything I can be to get myself through the day, and then knock myself out with benadryl at night so I can sleep. Sheesh!

Hopefully it won’t be much longer until my head clears. I’ve been considering trying a neti pot–has anyone ever tried it? have experience? recommend? suggest I run the other direction? I’ve heard it’s like magic for those who have sinus troubles.

Anyway, happy Friday all! Hope you have a sunny weekend. Me, I’ll be sitting with a box of Kleenex on one side and my current project on the other.


2 thoughts on “H is for…

  1. Hey there! I feel your allergy pain!!! I’m miserable! Anyway, my Tall Guy swears by his “nasal irrigator” i.e. nose squirt bottle and my bestest friend, a nurse uses her neti pot all the time. I, myself, haven’t used one since I appear to have a very sensitive gag reflex, its just not my thing. Anyway, let’s hang out soon. Life is calming down in some ways. Are you going to MSW next weekend? I think I’m going both days….

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