G is for…

Gelato, arguably the best food in Italy.  And Gelateria, the best place to get the best food.  While on my trip I ate gelato every day!  The stores have much more than the small/medium/large offerings to choose from, and the smallest size (piccolo) is still plenty of gelato for me.  In fact, you can get two flavors at once!  Lemon and orange, chocolate mousse and chocolate fondant, mint and strawberry, nutella and chocolate orange…the list goes on.

While I didn’t take a picture of every gelato I ate, I did snap shots of several gelateria…some of which I ate at, most of which I did not.  But they truly are everywhere you look…always tempting.


Yum.  Deliciousness.

Jessie & Gelato


4 thoughts on “G is for…

  1. Mmmm, gelato! When I visited Sicily, I ate gelato for breakfast one day, having been informed that gelato on a bun was a traditional breakfast treat. I think i prefer bacon and eggs.

  2. I had lunch with your mom today and got your blog address. I love it! Sounds like a great trip. Your pictures are great. Aaron is into photography these days. Email me and we can chat more and I’ll give you his photo website. I miss you! I leave with my last student trip (12 trips) 4 weeks from Sunday. Anita and I will probably keep going, but this is the last student group! Sad! I’m retiring next May. Email me!

  3. How nice to be reminded of gelato. It’s been so long since I had the real thing, I’d almost forgotten about it.

    Great scarf!

  4. Sigh… three summers ago I spent three weeks in Italy. I ate gelato everyday. I scoff at people that try to tell me that stuff in the basement of the National Gallery is “Amazing Gelato”. Oh man… I need to go back!

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