Hello friends, I’m back! Got in late last night, and am enjoying a final day of R&R before returning to work tomorrow. I had originally planned to go back to work today, but realized that, with my flight arriving at 7:30 (or 1:30am Florence time), clearing customs, and getting from Dulles to our apartment, there wouldn’t be much time to decompress, unpack and get all the laundry done before bedtime and rushing headlong back into the fray that is my job.  So here I am, still in my pajamas, sipping my third cup of tea.  What luxury!

Italy was wonderful. The weather cooperated for the most part (one afternoon of downpour caused me to miss the Boboli Gardens, which is too bad), with temps in the upper sixties and clear blue skies. A lovely spring week! I saw a lot of Florence, many beautiful churches, museums, frescoes, and other art. I ate well, enjoyed fantastic wine, visited a few sites outside the city, and really enjoyed my visit with Tovah.

Today, as I mentioned, is laundry day, as well as go-to-the-grocery-store day (K was in France on business while I was in Italy and the fridge is empty), download-pictures-to-the-computer day (only a few hundred to wade through!), and try-to-get-on-eastern-time-again day. I will share photos once I’ve gotten them all up, as well as some vacation stories and such.


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