I’ve been blogging in my head, but the last week or so has not been generous with its free time, and so I will try to cram a bunch of stuff into this post. I’d spread it out over a few posts, but today I leave for a European adventure. So without further ado…

F is for Florence

Yes, this Italian city is the nexus of my fast approaching adventure. K. gave me tickets for my birthday last year to go visit my friend Tovah who is studying there for the year. A whole week to traipse about, take photos, visit museums, explore other towns on day trips, and of course, eat fantastic food! The blog will be on hiatus, but I am looking forward to sharing my trip once I return.

Spring has arrived here in the nation’s capital. As have the crowds. I can’t say I’ll miss the metro in the mornings next week, as thousands of people have descended on the city to see the cherry blossoms, go on their middle-school field trips, and stop at the bottom of escalators. (Yes, I realize the irony, I’m escaping the tourists to go be a tourist…). DC really is lovely this time of year, and over the past week I’ve been taking photos on my way to and from work, enjoying the first week of spring (the first photos were meant to be a “happy spring” post, but well, here we are a week or so later)


Fun things happen when you live in a famous building

In addition to the motorcades that zoom by on the roads below our apartment (we can tell when it’s the President vs. the Vice President vs. someone not-as-important-but-still-important-enough-to-have-a-motorcade), and sharing our local restaurant with the Secretary of State and her secret service escort, from time to time the Hollywood elite stop by to do a little filming for a movie. Last week it was Ben Affleck & Co. for the upcoming “State of Play.” While I didn’t actually get to see Ben, I took these shots from our balcony…as the crew was tearing down the set (most of the filming took place while I was at work)

The next installment of the Rockin’ Sock Club arrived…

…and the socks are on the needles. A great project for my trip, dontcha think?

Easter was lovely …

The service at Ascension was beautiful, the music divine, and the champagne & donuts after the Eucharist made me glad once again I joined the Anglican Communion six years ago on Easter.

K . and I decided to make Easter dinner for a bunch of friends who didn’t go out of town for the holiday. A traditional ham, yummy soup and sides and this little confection rounded out the feast.

And now I have to go pack and get ready to go. When I return, a report on my travels, at least one FO, and who knows what else!



3 thoughts on “arrivederci

  1. Whoah! That was an omni-blog, first off, congratulations on your upcoming adventure, and, well, I’m curious, in which famous building are you staying in?

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