Spring Fever

It’s starting to get warmer and I am thoroughly tired of my winter wardrobe.  While the pending completion of a sweater will breathe a last bit of life into the dying season’s clothing, I want to be wearing lighter items…

I haven’t done much warm-weather clothing shopping over the last couple of years, and many of my cute tops have seen better days so now I’m facing the prospect of having to replenish my summer wardrobe with some new pieces.  I’m reluctant to buy things…I’m not all that enamored with this season’s clothing, and I feel like I can make things I really like instead of buying things I only sort of like.

So I’ve done some Ravelry browsing (sorry to those of you who can’t get in to see the fabulous site!) and have come up with some options for cute tops that I’d like to make for this summer.  Here’s a few that I can link to:



T Twist Tee



I figure if I buy yarn and make myself some tops, it’s killing two birds with one stone…I get to knit, and get the clothes I need!


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