Weekend update

A few things from the weekend…

  • I’ve finished up to the yoke and one sleeve of Hourglass.  I have a March 29 deadline for this project and am very optimistic that I will finish in time!
  • Go see Miss Pettegrew Lives For a Day.  It’s interesting, funny, poignant, and has some fantastic acting.  Amy Adams, Frances McDormand, Lee Pace, Ciaran Hinds…all top-notch.  I loved the sets, costumes…it was a highlight of the weekend.  I think I’ll read the novel.  If I can find it.
  • I began another project to ratchet up the numbers of works-in-progress I have going.  I’m confident I’ll meet the only knitting deadline I have (see above), so why not diversify?
  • I did not like the rain and wind on Saturday.  Going from 60+ to below 40 in a couple of hours is not so much fun!
  • I love that it didn’t get dark until 7pm, but losing an hour is kind of a bummer.  Especially when it was just starting to get light just at the right time of morning.  Now it’s all out of whack for another couple of weeks.
  • It’s 9:30, feels like 8:30, but I should go to bed so I can get up at 6:30 – I mean 7:30.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

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