We love wii (and brownies)

K. found a Wii on Craigslist yesterday. We had talked about finding one, but that’s not easy to do, but then he went and found one. What a guy…

I meant to finish the Serendipity socks yesterday, but I played a bit too much Wii Tennis (and Bowling and Baseball). Today I’m a lot sorer than I thought I’d ever be from playing a video game! It’s loads of fun and I can tell I’m going to get sucked into lots of Wii/We time.

While K. was getting acquainted with the Wii, I got further acquainted with the King Arthur Baker’s Companion…

These brownies were pretty delectable. A little bit too gooey in the very middle…maybe a minute more in the oven would have done it, but the edges were getting very done…maybe a slightly larger pan next time…but I think I was 2 for 2 on the baking this weekend.

I’m finishing the Socks tonight. My arm hurts too much to play tennis.


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