Rainbow Brite

Thursday already? How did that happen? Last I knew I was going to blog about my day off on Monday. I guess I paid for that day off by working crazy hours on Tuesday & Wednesday. And now here I am on Thursday, writing about Monday.

It was a nice day at home. I’ve done some knitting, some sewing, some swearing at the sewing machine. I did a bit of rearranging in the office…I felt it needed a bit of a perk:

I have very few green books. A whole shelf of ROY, less than one of GBIV. And plenty of grey, black and other neutral colors. I wonder what the shelves would look like if I had all my books here (most are in my mothers attic!). I like the color coordination of the books…since I don’t have all my books here, it doesn’t make sense to organize by subject or genre. It’s like a pretty Dewey Decimal System!

A lot of the day, I was where I can look out my windows. The weather was fickle…from billowy clouds to iron grey to blue sky. But I wasn’t expecting this, even after a vicious rain storm:

My camera doesn’t do it justice. There was a double rainbow in there, too. It was spectacular!

I didn’t get any shots of the lunar eclipse last night, but I got some rainbow pics. Go me!

Coming up next, a finished object and fulfilled obligation.


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