I woke up this morning to things crashing about on the balcony of our apartment…the wind was blowing and I could hear things banging around.  I peeked out of the window to see our watering can bouncing past me.  Fortunately, the balcony is closed in enough to keep things from going overboard and down to the street below, but I hurried to bring in anything that might blow away should a particularly mean gust come along.  All day  the wind has been strong and so it’s been a nice day to stay close to home and work on projects.

One project–the blog!  I’ve been wanting to redesign for a while and a few friends have been updating/spiffying up their blogs, so I spent a little time doing the same.  Hope you like it!  There may be some more alterations, but I’m liking the new look so far.

Another project…#3’s sweater.  Her birthday is a couple weeks away, so the sweater has to be finished pronto.  I’ve joined both sleeves to the body and started knitting up the yoke this evening.  I’ll definitely finish it this week, barring anything unforeseen.  I’ve committed to project monogamy until it’s all finished, to make sure I get it done well before the deadline of the birthday.

I had to commit to the project monogamy because there’s another project that is calling!  Well, there are many…but I started the Sock Club socks and have finished sock #1 already.  I am not allowing myself to cast on for the second sock because that would greatly endanger the sweater’s timely completion.  I can’t wait to get the other sock done so I can wear the pair soon!  But first the sweater.

I also finally got out the sewing machine!  The space I had planned to use for sewing–where the table would be set up, etc. had until yesterday been taken up by 9 or 10 boxes and bags full of clothing and household items that we had gathered a few weeks ago to donate to the goodwill.  We finally got them out of the house yesterday so the space was opened up, and I wasted no time setting up the table and machine.  My progress hasn’t gone much further than that…I wound a bobbin and that’s it.  But I hope to have some beginner projects completed before too long.

Sorry no photos…by the time I got the camera out, the light had gone and the sweater’s not much to look at right now anyway.  When it’s done and off the needles, it will be ready to be photographed!


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