to spin a yarn…

I dreamt the other night that I learned how to spin. I was using a beautiful old-fashioned wheel, the epitome of what the every-day person thinks of when someone says “spinning wheel”. I have no how I was doing in a technical sense, really (it was a dream, and my dreams are anything but logical), but I know there was fiber being spun into yarn, I know I was good at it, and I know the product was luscious and luxurious.

I’ve toyed with the idea of spinning from time to time…I even have a drop spindle kit from Louet, with a little bit of roving and a utilitarian-looking spindle. I half-heartedly gave it a try about a year ago, but it’s been in storage ever since. I think that right now I like the idea of spinning more than I really want to spin. This is OK with me, since my 2008 goal is to learn to use my sewing machine, and I think I’d better stick to that before introducing another piece of equipment into the mix…
I mentioned my dream to K. yesterday. He was confused; I explained that I was not on a bicycle (no, not that spinning) and then he got a wary look in his eye…what am I up to now? I assured him that I wasn’t going to dive into something new anytime soon…in fact, I told him I would put off learning to spin until 2009 at the earliest (unless I pull out that drop spindle kit again (an item I don’t think K. knows about…)). He wants to approve any spinning wheel before it enters the house on aesthetic grounds.
This could be interesting.

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