Stash Enhancement

It’s been another relaxing weekend chez moi, and I’ve been pretty darn productive! I finished the bottom of #3’s sweater and have cast on for the first sleeve. I’ve gotta admit, I’m a bit antsy to finish this and get it off my plate. I want to move on, already! It doesn’t help that I’ve recently run into a few skeins of yarn that have insinuated themselves into my stash…

I don’t think I mentioned it before, but I joined 2 yarn clubs for 2008: The Rockin’ Sock Club (of Socks that Rock/Blue Moon Fiber Arts fame) and the Stitch DC (on of my LYSs) Stash Club.

Stitch DC’s Stash Club is a monthly installment of yarn, enough for a small-ish project. I received December’s shipment right before I left for vacation and didn’t really pay much attention to it until this week. It’s lovely:

Tilli Tomas is one of those brands that I don’t think to buy…kind of expensive, and just not on my radar. I’ve also not really done much with beads. So this is a bit of a departure for me. The suggested pattern was a pair of wrist warmers, but they didn’t really appeal to me. I’ll be using this yarn for this.

Yesterday I headed over to Stitch DC to get the January installment. All I can say is YUM.

It looks like dessert! It’s Three Irish Girls’ Adorn sock yarn in Nora.

I don’t know what pattern will go with these socks, but that’s OK, since there’s the other yarn club to consider.

The Rockin’ Sock club is 6 installments of sock yarn accompanied by a pattern. The first shipment arrived Saturday (warning: if you are part of the club and haven’t gotten yours yet, there’s a picture below). I could use a pair of red socks!

I can’t wait to cast on. And I think I will soon, because the sweater, while small, isn’t the most portable project. I like to have a sock in my bag to pull out whenever I’ve got some extra time. I’ve been working on a plain old sock, but I think that will be put on the back burner for a while, while this gets a try.

I also scored some Koigu (on sale!) this weekend as well, in minty, springy goodness:

With all this yarn acquisition, I realized that I was SO unorganized…things were being tossed in the stash willy-nilly with naught but a flick of the wrist. Ravelry to the rescue…I now have all my yarn stashed and my needles indexed.  It’s so nice to have a way to see what I’ve got at a glance!  Looking over what I’ve done this morning, I noticed that my stash can be categorized in 4 ways.  Sock yarn (plenty), yarn for specific projects (a growing amount), leftovers from previous projects (an assortment), and random balls of yarn that I’ve picked up over the years (not enough to make stuff from, but not the kind of yarn I’m going to track down and buy more of).   The stash fills only 3 medium sized bins–not a terribly fearsome amount (contrary to K.’s idea of my stash).  There’s plenty of room for more, but I think I’ll work on things I’ve got yarn for and wait to invest in more for a little while.

Unless I break down and buy a Bohus Kit….


5 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement

  1. congrats on finishing the bottom of the sweater! last pic i saw it looked gorgeous (of course!). i completely understand wanting to finish a project – i can’t wait until my sweater is done so i can, well, wear it, but do other things.

    but alas classes start this week & my knitting time will at least half … 😦

    i’ll give you a call/email sometime this week to catch up. hope all is well.

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