Off and on the needles

Ah, the end of another week. It was a busy week, not too crazy, but I’m glad it’s Friday. We’re spending a quiet night at home…K. has a nasty cold (that I really, really don’t want to catch!), so we’re taking it easy. This is fine with me–I’m hanging out on Ravelry, queuing up projects with abandon. At this rate, I’ve got projects right out into 2020!

I’ve got an FO for you, though:

See that? 100% Cashmere. Yum. 2 skeins of bulky Classic Elite Obsession in Camel. It was soooooooo nice to knit…and didn’t cost me a cent. 2 skeins = about $100. Huh?

That’s an expensive scarf! But, alas, it wasn’t for me (I just got to knit and model it). A coworker of mine saw me making a snuggle cowl for a friend for Christmas and just had to have a scarf made of it. I told her if she’d pay for the yarn I’d make one for her. Deal! It took a few evenings and a Sunday afternoon to knit up, and voila, another FO (score another for January!).

The latest project is #3’s sweater. I’m combining the Briar Rose sweater from Knitty and the Child’s Placket Neck Sweater into something a little different for the littlest niece. Here it is a couple days ago:


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