A day to myself.

It’s Cold here in DC. Not as cold as, say Upstate NY or Wisconsin, but cold enough that I wore my warmest sweater, bought when I was living in Scotland. One of these days I’d like to replicate it in a slightly lighter, less-scratchy wool. But today it was perfect as I braved the chill to go to church.

K is skiing today (crazy boy!), so I have the place to myself. I haven’t had a day all alone in a long time. K. doesn’t travel as much as he used to, which is great, but my days all to myself are fewer and farther between. So today is a luxury! I’m swatching for #3’s sweater and also for a sweater I’m going to make for myself.  Getting a few rows done on the Ombre Blanket (ravelry link) — last blogged, August of 2007!– a long-neglected project that is perfect for today–with 100% alpaca on my lap, I’m sure I’ll stay toasty!

I’m also doing a little academic work, editing a chapter of my mom’s dissertation. I often miss academia, having been a part of it for so long. It’s hard to believe it has been almost 3 years since I left school. So working on my mom’s dissertation is a little niche I can still carve out in the academic world…and I love that I’m able to help her out a bit!

In other news, I’ve acquired some more yarn (yikes, the stash is growing a bit fast!):

Any guesses as to what I’m going to make with these?

I’ve also gone and bought a sewing table. It’s kind of funky, but I’m really looking forward to trying it out:

That’s my little sewing machine there…which, I am ashamed to admit, hasn’t been used since I bought it. Part of my hesitancy to use it was that the only surface I could put it on to use it was our glass-topped dining table, and that didn’t seem like the best idea. So now, I’ve got this table, which folds for storage (although it’s heavy!), and can be set up anywhere to be used.

Tomorrow, I’m going to enjoy my extra long weekend. My friend Beth comes over for more knitting. This girl is superproductive, and her first sweater is going to be done before she knows it. Can’t wait to see her progress! Hopefully the swatching will be done and I will have #3’s sweater cast on and making progress myself.


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