A is for…

One of my favorite Authors.
I joined the ABC Along, which is a blog-, flickr-, and ravelry-based group that will travel through the year noting things every couple weeks with a new letter.
As to Austen, I’m always reading one of her books. PBS is showing a series of Austen films…from a new version of Persuasion this past Sunday (not the best adaptation ever, but Rupert Penry-Jones is a dish!), to the BBC production of Pride & Prejudice of about 10 years ago (yes, the Colin Firth version). I think I’ll have some good tv time over the next couple of chilly months (which means good knitting time)!
P.S. Isn’t the cover of this book great!  I picked it up at a second-hand book shop.  I think it’s an edition from the ’60s.  The heart, the head…clearly sense & sensibility.

2 thoughts on “A is for…

  1. I might have to do this ABC Along – it sounds neat.

    I love Jane Austen too, she is one of my favorites. I can’t wait for Northanger Abbey on Sunday!What a cool cover – I’m always searching for neat looking Austen books.

  2. That is an awesome book cover! I love cool book jackets/covers and despise it when they take old books and put new covers on them with movie stars.

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