I’m a machine

Or that’s what K. says, anyway. Here’s my first FO of 2008:

In the Navy socks:

Wendy’s toe-up pattern

Yarn: STR “in the navy”

I wore them to work on Friday and kept thinking “I made these socks!” My feet were so warm and cozy and I love the feel of the socks on my feet. I’ve already cast on for another pair, but those will have to wait. I’ve got a couple things to knit before I can properly knit for myself:

A hat for K. It got cold here in DC!

Niece #3’s sweater –I’ve begun swatching…

And I’ve got another FO, but no pictures yet (oh, when will the days get longer??)…a lovely scarf in Classic Elite Obsession–100% cashmere, in a bulky yarn. 2 skeins make a great (and expensive) scarf. Good thing my co-worker, who commissioned the scarf, paid for the yarn!

Sunday, I spent the day with my friend Beth.  We went to college together and now she and her husband are in seminary in Alexandria, and we’ve been making a point to get together monthly.  Beth is a new knitter.  She knit a scarf, then 2 hats, then wristwarmers, and is starting a sweater.  I am so impressed!  And honored that she’s coming to me for knitting advice.  Sunday I taught her how to cable, and emphasized the importance of a gauge swatch.   She is off and running on her way to being a Knitter. (I even got her to sign up for Ravelry)  I love it!  She even has a blog, which while not a knitting blog, looks suspiciously like one in a few posts…


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