Crappy photos and FO’s

It’s so annoying that the only good light is while I’m at work and not at liberty to take photos! But here they are anyway, because almost all of the gifts are ready to go.

#1’s sweater, Starsky, Jr. I am very pleased with this FO. I did the seaming last weekend — my first time seaming a sweater. I was nervous going in, but the crochet slip stitch for the shoulder worked like a charm, and mattress stitch is pretty amazing! I kept looking at the seams, thinking “I can’t believe I did this!” Well, it’s finally done.

#2’s sweater, the Child’s Placket Neck Pullover. I am also rather pleased with this FO…my first project knit continental style. The miles of stockinette and the new to me technique made this fly by. And while I was impressed with my seaming on the other sweater, the lack of seaming on this one was equally delightful. I got to practice my Kitchener stitch on the underarms, and ta-da! A sweater! I decided to leave the placket open–no buttons.

As accessories, the girls’ mom suggested I knit their dolls matching scarves. So here they are…American Doll-sized scarves. How cute are these!! The Sierra Nevada had to do the modeling…I have no dolls lying around…but I think they’ll be a hit.

And so, Christmas creeps closer. I’ve done all the purchasing, most of the wrapping, and am ready to go with the shipping.

I’m going to have a blast getting these to the post office!!

And one more project to finish…hopefully today so it can go in tomorrow’s post and reach the recipient in time.

A snuggle cowl to keep someone warm this winter (which seems to have descended quite forcefully!)


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