Tempus fugit

While I do like the idea of blogging without obligation, it has been a bit too long. I just unloaded my camera, which has been taking pictures while I haven’t been blogging, and the photos range from my afternoon in NYC over a month ago, to fall foliage in DC, to our first snow last week. Soon it will have Christmas and vacation photos!

November really was a slog…I was sick for much of the month, and working all kinds of crazy hours when I wasn’t.

Thanksgiving was a much-needed respite from the office, but I wouldn’t call it the most relaxing holiday ever.  We enjoyed our time between our two families (K’s parents/sister and my mom/brother).  K’s grandmother turned 100 (!), and we had a party for her; my mom turned…well, NOT 100, and we took her out to lunch.  Two turkey dinners, visiting with friends, seeing a new baby…all good things, but a bit much to cram into three and a half days.

Fortunately, tooling around the Chicago area was conducive to knitting!  You may remember that I took on NaKniSweMo for #2’s sweater.  Here it is!

wait…that doesn’t look like what I started:

nope.  the curse of bad gauge hit me on the Gertrude sweater. The swatch lied.  Row gauge was fine…but stitch gauge…not so much.  So sad…I liked knitting it, the yarn was lovely…but without a 6 year old to try it on, I was not willing to take the chance that it wouldn’t fit on Christmas morning and disappoint an excited little girl.  So, mid-November, hoping to still make NaKniSweMo  a success, I began the Child’s Placket Neck Sweater from LMKG.

I finished the knitting on 12/3.  Considering I started it a couple weeks into November, I think it counts.  It’s probably not 50,000 stitches, but who cares?  I liked the challenge and am so glad that all that is left of these sweaters is to do the finishing.   Plenty of time to get it done and sent off to K.’s sister for the girls.   The sweater is knit in Koigu Kersti Merino.  I love this yarn!  So soft, even, consistent.  The pattern, which is quite popular on Ravelry, was also a lot of fun.  After Starsky, Jr., with its intricate pattern, the stockinette stitch in the round was like going for a jog after running a marathon.  And, I knit it continental, which was fabulous!  Seed stitch is SO much easier when you’re a picker and not a thrower (in my opinion…I know there are many very dexterous throwers out there!).  Anyway, I am remarkably unstressed during this crazy crunch of holiday knitting.  I’m hoping to finish a hat for another gift, and that is it.

So life is good.  I’m healthy again (I hope…), work is going well, and Christmas is coming.  And after Christmas…vacation!  To somewhere warm.  I guess I’ll be knitting socks.

Finally…tempus does fugit…yesterday I celebrated the big 2-9.  Saturday night we had a bit of a party, with Glenna’s cosmo cupcakes

(as well as some accompanying cupcakes of the Magnolia bakery variety…both equally delectable).  I like birthday parties, especially ones for me (what can I say?), so I’ve decided that this year was the First Annual 29th Birthday Party, to be followed next year by the 2nd Annual, etc.  This way, I can still celebrate without actually getting any older.  Right?


2 thoughts on “Tempus fugit

  1. Can I join in on the annual 29th birthday party too? Because that’s where I am now and I rather think I’d like to stay there for a while. I’m glad the cupcakes were nums! 😀

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