Give thanks

Jessie and I seem to have more in common than our name.   The symptoms (sounds so innocuous, doesn’t it?) that had me in the ER a couple weeks ago returned late last week and derailed me for the second time this month.  Blah.

But I am thankful that I have good health insurance and have been getting the care I need.  Would like to know for sure what’s goin’ on.

I’m counting the blessing (I’ll take it where I can get it) of having lost most of the weight I wanted to by vacation next month, albeit by not being able to eat very much lately.

I’ll be thankful to eat a good turkey dinner on Thursday–I should be up to it by then.  I’m thankful that I’ll get to see friends and family this weekend.

I’m thankful I don’t have to work!  I’m thankful for those who are working to make my trip to Chicago possible, and I hope I don’t lose patience with them at the airport tomorrow.

I’m not taking my computer, and doubt I’ll have much ability to blog, but I’ll be knitting this weekend!  I’m thankful for that.  Have a peaceful holiday, and I’ll be back next week…lord willing and the creek don’t rise!


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