Too much!

I just checked the stats on my blog.  I can’t believe I haven’t had multiple days of no hits, despite the fact that I am definitely NOT participating in NaBloPoMo.  Thanks for not checking out on me!  I have taken Ann’s sage advice and joined up with BWO, or Blogging Without Obligation.  Do I want to blog?  Yes!  Do I often think of things I’d like to blog about?  Absolutely!  But life, alas, gets in the way.  And without a life, there would be no blog.  So here’s a list of things I would like to blog about from the last week and a half, and hopefully before 2008.

  • My afternoon in NYC (complete with pictures of Purl treasures)
  • A return to my hometown
  • A visit to the ER
  • Marking my 3-year anniversary with K
  • Decision making and sweater making
  • Cool knitters on the metro
  • Babies to come in 2008
  • My Knit1Tea2 swap box (and the saga leading up to it)

These are just things that have happened since my last post.  While I wade through the backlog, there are future events…and the last 6 weeks of the year typically are full of events that warrant blogging!  Thanksgiving, birthday parties (including a 100th birthday party), holiday parties, Christmas, New Year’s, vacation (yay!)…and those are only the big events.  Knitting, relaxing, living…all things that could be blog fodder!  I hope to blog about all these things.  I doubt I really will be able to.  But know that I am alive, happy to be so, and will share as I am able to.

But first, to clean the house and fold the laundry.  Decidedly not bloggable.


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