I think I can, I think I can

Wasn’t I about here on Friday? Oh wait, that was the other front.

I managed to finish the left front yesterday and am chugging right along on the right front. Once that is complete, I have about an inch of the back to knit and then all the major pieces are finished! Oh, except for the shawl collar…which does not look pretty. But, if I’m as successful next weekend as I was this weekend, I think I have a fair chance of actually finishing this sweater by next week! Let’s hope the knitting saints smile upon me.

Really, this weekend was great. Some good baseball (go Sox) helped, as did the fact that I didn’t go further than Alexandria this weekend. I stayed home and knit, just like I wanted to. And had brunch for a friend’s birthday, and went out for coffee with another friend whom I haven’t seen in too long. Enough getting out so as not to feel like a hermit, but nothing so crazy that I couldn’t get the laundry done, tidy up around the house, hang out with K., and give myself a fighting chance at finishing these 3 sweaters by Christmas time.

It’s amazing how much more organized I feel today. And motivated. I think I might even make it to the gym!


2 thoughts on “I think I can, I think I can

  1. Great work. That is such a perfect color! Funny how there are good Mondays and bad ones. Glad your weekend positioned you for a strong start this week.

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