It’s October!

The month of turning leaves, cooler days, chilly nights, pumpkins…except that it’s still in the 80s here in DC and the only things that remind me of the time of year are the calendar and the rapidly decreasing daylight hours. October usually is my favorite month, and here, 3 days into it, I have yet to have it greet me as I walk down the street. I did make a butternut squash soup and some delicious maple glazed pork tenderloin the other night…it certainly tasted like fall! But I’m waiting for the crispness of the air and the unmistakable scent of fallen leaves to welcome me into autumn.

I’m still feeling a bit like things have gotten out of control in my life lately…can’t finish a darn thing, am not making good enough progress on sweater #1, haven’t gotten to the craft store for fabric/thread to break in my (not so) new sewing machine…the list goes on. But it might help that this coming weekend I don’t go anywhere. At all. Well, other than brunch. I can just sit on my rear end (after some pilates, of course) and catch up on whatever needs catching up on. Here’s hoping.

Oh, and there really has been a little bit of progress…I’m just a few rows away from finishing the sleeves. Boy am I glad both will be done, and they match!


2 thoughts on “It’s October!

  1. HEY! I’m so sorry your tea swap will be mailed late! I thought I had time, but time got away from me. I hope that the wonderful box I’ve enjoyed putting together for you will make up for the delay. Can’t wait to see the sweater all finished!
    Your Tea Swap Pal

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