zoom zoom

Sunday was good times. We went to the Dodge Dealers 400 at Dover Downs to see the cars go in circles for a few hours. Last year we went to the Saturday race and decided 200 miles went too fast, so this year we tried the 400. It was both better and not so much better (wow. great grammar there). Better since it lasted longer, but not better since we were in a/c seats (which you’d think was an advantage), but couldn’t see the track as well, as we were inside. We didn’t feel like we were as much a part of the action as we did last year. But still, it was fun.

Why no pictures? Well, trying to catch a shot of the cars going by is like trying to solve a problem like Maria:

At least the 2-hour car ride gave me time to keep working on the sleeves. I’m almost to shaping the caps! This week is super crazy at work and with other deadlines, so September will pass with only 1/2 of the sweater finished. However, I will prevail! (I hope)


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