I held the sock

It was a long night last night, and I got out before 11, with lots of knitters still waiting for their chance to chat with the Harlot.

I got there a full hour before she began and was very far from the front. You could see the bookstore employees walking around with a rather dazed look in their eyes…not sure what had just hit them. After all, knitters???

7:30 finally arrived, as did Steph.  Sorry this picture is so dark, but I really was very far away. She is up there, honest!

The talk was great. She really is a funny lady…and has lots of good things to say about being a force for good in our world today.  And knitting of course.

After the talk was the wait. We waited (and waited) to be called to get in line to….wait for our turn to have a book signed and say hello. While waiting there was lots of socialization…I met some really nice people! Here is Anita with her stunning MS3:

I might do mine with the wing after all (I’m still on clue 1).  I also had a lovely chat with Cathy (hi, Cathy!) of whom I did not get a picture, but who was knitting some wicked awesome mittens.

Finally I got in line. Eventually (after extending my reservation with Zipcar since the 10:30 return time had come and gone) I was there! Our conversation was short and sweet (she liked my shirt) and then this:

I got to hold the sock. I am really hoping it transfers some big-time mojo to me!! I think it might have done, since I added a good 3 inches or so to each sweater sleeve last night:

Hooray for the Harlot!


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