This message made possible by Zipcar

Going to see the Harlot tonight!  I doubt I’ll get a good seat and I forgot my book for her to sign, but it should be fun.  Plus, time to work on the sleeves of Starsky.
The event is at a Borders in Arlington, nowhere within walking distance of a Metro station.  I haven’t braved the buses much in the area, so that wasn’t an option with only two hours between leaving work and the event starting.  Zipcar to the rescue…I pick up a car at East Falls Church (instead of my usual Foggy Bottom stop so as not to have to drive with all of the DC-fleeing traffic at rush hour) and drive right over to the bookstore.  Yay!  This car-sharing idea is pretty spiffy if you ask me!


3 thoughts on “This message made possible by Zipcar

  1. oh! i hope you had fun and tell us all about it! one of my good friends is leaving dc soon and tonight was her “send off” gathering… trying to tell a “muggle” about the Harlot wasn’t really cutting it… I’m away this weekend but around more after that. We should try and make a “date”.

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