The weekend was a success!

B. and I started at her place in Philly bright and early Friday morning…

and made it to Rochester in 6 hours flat. It helps when there’s no traffic on a Friday afternoon. Once hitting the city, we stopped off at a few good places:

(gotta love $5 never-been-worn Levis)

Thread…a place I’ve heard about several times from old friends still in Rochester, but never was able to visit. Pretty cool! I miss the old neighborhood…I lived here for a couple years after grad school before moving to New York City. When I left, it was just on the cusp of a lot of good stuff…and in the four (four?!) years I’ve been gone it’s come a long way. So nice to see!

Saturday was the day.

B. made Christmas cards and a tote for her boyfriend’s niece…J. cut squares for a quilt of her own design…S. made collage book for her art club…and I kept knitting on Starsky.

The evening ended well, too…with a visit at the best cafe ever–one of the few places I make sure to visit when I’m in town…Java’s.

We’re hoping to do this again soon. There’s something about good friends, good food (and boy, was there lots of that), good conversation and, well, the crafty goodness that goes along with it all.

Since then, how much progress have I made? Nada. Zip. Zilch. Sunday was a whirlwind visit with my mom and this week has not slowed down for one second. I’m definitely behind on the sweater, but I press on!


3 thoughts on “

  1. Loving the javas photos. Thank you for writing about our adventure! All the best for working on those sweaters. I’m pulling out my sewing machine again this weekend to make more bags.

  2. Looks like a great weekend! There’ so many bits of the States that I want to see….
    I recognise that pouch, in the corner of one of the pics. Hmmm. Cool!

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