Feeling a bit better…reduced the number of tissues used today by about 50%. Yay! Hoping the upward trend continues.

This weekend I am headed up to Rochester, NY. I went to college there and lived there for a few years afterwards. My mom lives up there. So do many friends, few of whom I get to see as much as I would like.

I’m quite excited, partly because I’m SO ready for a taste of fall and mid-September Rochester should probably do the trick. A stop at Wegmans won’t hurt, either, with their always fun seasonal offerings.

But the main reason for this visit is to get together with some dear friends to have an all-out super crafty day. One of my friends, S., has a super-cute house with loads of studio space. We’ll convene there, and embark on all sorts of crafty goodness. I myself will be focusing on my WIP, Starsky, Jr. Others will be quilting, sewing, making holiday cards…who knows where the crafty muse will take us? There will be fun fallish foods, and lots of reminiscing of days gone by. Can’t wait! I’ll report back with photos, and hopefully lots of progress on the sweater. I want to be mostly done by the end of the month!!


One thought on “Ra-cha-cha

  1. Successful I would say! The food was perfect and couldn’t have asked for better space to get it all done. We’ll have to convene again in the winter.

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