#1’s sweater

When we first started dating, K. always referred to his nieces as #1 and #2 (#3 wasn’t born yet). Since then, I’ve learned their names and met them and think they’re pretty neat (that’s #2 in the last post, grinning into the camera). One of the fun things about having nieces (well, having a boyfriend with nieces) is they’re pint-sized people to knit for! I’ve taken on the daunting task of knitting all 3 girls sweaters for Christmas. I’m not a fast knitter. That means a little more than a month per sweater (I started on Sept. 1). I’ve never successfully finished a sweater before…so I’m setting a pretty lofty goal for myself.

I decided to start with #1’s sweater, Starsky Jr.. It happens to be the most complicated of the three designs I’ve chosen…which I hope is a good thing (start out hard and get easier, right?)

I’m almost through with the back, and hope to finish it today or tomorrow. I’m using Rowan Cotton Glace….I love it. It’s so smooth and pretty and easy to work with. And #1 told me green is a favorite color, so yippee! Hopefully she’ll like it. Here’s the work so far:



2 thoughts on “#1’s sweater

  1. Your sweater is looking great! I thought I’d try to make 2 sweaters and mittens for the kids this Christmas, but it’s quite an undertaking. I can’t wait to see the others.

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