two weekends

There has been knitting progress, but by the time I went to photograph, there wasn’t any good light. So, tomorrow. I’m almost through the back of Starsky Jr., and am knitting every free moment I can (while taking a few minutes to blog). I really don’t want to get behind this early in the Marathon of the Three Sweaters.

So in lieu of knitting pics, how about a little retrospective of the last couple weekends?

Last weekend we were in Chicago to attend a wedding and see some family. My brother and his wife live out there, and K. grew up there. His parents, sister and her family are still out there, so while K. was fulfilling his duty as a groomsman by playing golf, I was at Schaumburg’s Septemberfest with the nieces.

There were rides and fair food and all sorts of fun, and very enthusiastic little girls:

The wedding was at a gorgeous country club:

the dome of the medinah clubhouse

(this is the dome in the entrance hall of the clubhouse. pretty impressive…the photo doesn’t do it justice)

I may or may not have caught the bouquet. (Notice Tuscany in the background…it got oohs and ahhs, but no pictures, sadly.) A lovely wedding for a lovely couple (of whom I didn’t get a decent picture. Silly me!)

This weekend was closer to home…

(yes, he is that tall. I am that short.)

The Sox were in Baltimore to work on bringing the Magic Number ever closer to 0 and clinching the AL East title. Sadly, they didn’t do any of that at the game we attended (it was really pretty ugly), but it was fun to be in the ballpark anyway. Camden Yards is a great ballpark. K. and a few friends and I motored the boat from the marina right outside the Inner Harbor over to the center of the action and docked for the night right inside the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. We had our Boston flags and shirts and hats, and so did most everyone else in town…poor Orioles! They were waaay outnumbered by Red Sox fans…several of whom stopped over at the boat to ask if we had sailed down from Boston for the games. Not exactly!!

So after the fun last night, we sailed a bit today (light winds, no heeling of the boat, a pleasant time on the water), and then back home to gear up for the week ahead. A week that will see a lot of work, a road trip to my alma mater and see some friends, be crafty, and get a haircut!


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