Mail Call

I usually go in spurts with online ordering. I’ll go weeks or months without a fun package slip in the mail box, and then, bam! I’m suddenly waiting for 4 or 5 items to arrive. It’s been a long week waiting for several things to show up! Wednesday, I got 3 packages, yay!

1) Birthday present for mom. Can’t say more than that in case she decides to drop in to read my blog (if you’re reading this, go away! Keep writing!!). I think she’ll like it. I’m waaaaay ahead of the curve here; her birthday’s not until November!

2) This pretty little package:

from Christy at neitherhipnorfunky (her etsy store, or here at her cool blog). I love the matching paper and postcard, so well-done! What’s inside, you might ask?

eek! I just noticed how fuzzy that is! here’s a better shot:

I can’t wait to wear it! I love the design, and how it’s off center, giving the yarn room to run (roll?) away.

The 3rd package was a whole lotta Rowan:

This is my fall agenda…three sweaters for 3 cute little girls, K’s nieces. Can I do it? Can I knit 3 sweaters by Christmas? I’m certain this is my most ambitious knitting goal, ever. I started swatching last night. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Mail Call

  1. Squuee!! I love post too…. I got package today.

    Love the t-shirt, and the way she’s wrapped it. Very important.:)

    You can difeinatley make up those jumpers, and you’ve chosen great colours, very girly.

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