Almost FO: Elisa Tote

The blog’s been a bit light on the knitting content lately, but I have been knitting! (Okay, it’s been light on any content! This new no-time-to-blog-at-work thing…it’s throwing me for a loop) Ombre inches along, and I’ve just about finished this little item:

This has been an interesting knit. I had trouble getting it off the ground about a month ago and really only got going on it two weeks ago. It knits up rather quickly thanks to the open nature of the lattice pattern.

I finished the body of the tote a week ago, but didn’t have the right crochet hook to sew up the sides (not that it really matters, I realize in hindsight). I’ve finished one handle and just need to finish the i-cord of the other. This is the first of the Christmas gifts to be finished (yay!).

The yarn is Hemp for Knitting in Pumpkin. It’s a nice rust/coppery color…and I have enough leftover for another tote (it takes about 1.3 skeins to do one tote). The next time I make this, I would do the handles before seaming up the sides. Somehow I feel like it would be a bit neater. I’m quite pleased with the outcome. Oh, I also decided to seam it up purl side out. I kept thinking I liked the purl side as I was knitting it, so I decided to keep that the most visible part. That’s what I like about knitting. I can do as I like…and usually it turns out just fine!

I’ve got other things to share…like my knitting agenda for the next few months. It includes several balls of various Rowan yarns…but that will have to wait for another day.


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