I was gone from blogging longer than I planned… A little thing called a new job got in the way, and I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Yep, a new job! For the last couple years, I’ve been working as a legal secretary. Not a bad job, not at all…working for a top 10 law firm has got its perks…great benefits and job security. But I have known since I took the job after leaving grad school that it was a job, not a career. Problem was, I didn’t know what kind of career I wanted. The new job is hopefully a step in the right direction. I’m now working in professional development, at the same firm. It’s a great deal–I already know the firm, and I know two of its 5 offices as I’ve worked both in NY and DC. And my job is a brand new position in a recently developed department. So I will be working hard, learning new things and putting my mark on something completely untouched. Go me! But my free time at work (of which there used to be plenty) has largely disappeared…and my blog time was at work! So I need to find a new time to blog.

A couple other bloggers have started writing about the upcoming holidays (well, in 4 months upcoming), and I’m sure tons more have been thinking about it, as have I. I think I’m going to get myself in over my head very quickly. I’ve noted before that I’m a slow knitter, and I’ve decided to knit K.’s nieces sweaters for Christmas. 3 girls, 3 sweaters. I’ve already claimed the right to downgrade sweaters to scarves, but I realllly don’t want to. The girls are 9, 5 and 2, so it’s not like I’m making big people clothes. A child’s sweater a month should be attainable, right? That and a nest tote, and a pair or socks or two for some other gifts? And MS3, and my Jaywalkers, and Ombre, and the chevron scarf and….oh, dear. This could be a problem.


One thought on “oops.

  1. HEY! I’m your secret pal for the Knit 1 Tea 2 swap! 😀 I’ll be stalking you for a while.
    Happy MidWeek!

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