It’s 100 degrees outside.

Oops, make that 101. Ick. I am starting to think longingly of cooler weather and cozy sweaters…although I’m not quite ready to bid summer adieu.

One of the things I love about summer is the fruit. Berries are pure summer goodness. Last night I had a friend over for dinner and this was our dessert:

Totally a cheater’s dessert–chocolate cinnamon cookies from Trader Joe’s, Cool Whip, that completely artificial but still yummy topping, and the berries. So good. K. was traveling, so he missed out. Although he always misses out on the good fruity desserts–he doesn’t think fruit belongs with the post-meal treat. Fruit, to him, is good for snacks, breakfast and lunch, but dessert is a no go. Poor guy, the things he misses out on.

Here are a couple progress shots:

The B/C stripe of Ombre was finished in record time. I really needed the break from more intricate knitting. It’s a slog, but a good, restful and restorative slog.

On Saturday, as I mentioned, I had a bit of a bug. So I stayed in pretty much all day, on the couch and in front of the TV. What luxury! It seemed a good time to give MS3 another try, and I was pleased with the new effort:

This is about 75% of the way through Clue 1. I like the challenge of this project–by far the most intricate knitting I’ve attempted to date. I think I’m also glad that I’m so far behind because now I can decide how I want to finish it, since I’ll see the upcoming clues well before I near the point of knitting them.

Stay cool!


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