Summer reading

Summer reading


I’ve been meaning to write about my other favorite pastime, reading! Alas, I am not a knitter who can knit and read at the same time, although I do like audio books. But in the print world, these are the books that are on tap for the now half-gone summer.


I read like I knit…I have several books going on at once. Sometimes I have to read one all the way through, reading nothing else, but often I have a book in my bag for lunch breaks, a book too big to fit in the bag for home, and several others that I pick up at will. This works quite nicely for me!


~Wives & Daughters. This is a behemoth of a book! But I am enjoying it so far, although it’s been a few weeks since I’ve read any of it. I’d never heard of the author, but am now intrigued.


~ Jane & Prudence. My first Barbara Pym book. Two thumbs up and a cup (or ten) of tea.


~ The Essays of E.B. White. Now, everyone loves his children’s books, and many know that he was a prolific essayist for the New Yorker (one of my favorite magazines). I love his prose for adults–as simple and straightforward as his prose for kids–and the coziness of his essays. I vacationed in Maine growing up, so I particularly love those essays. One of the wonderful things about essays, too, is that you can pick them up at will, read a bit, and have a satisfying literary experience in a short while.


~ The Clerkenwell Tales. I’ve only just started this book and am finding it a bit challenging to get into. But I like the idea…many, or most of the characters are from the company of pilgrims that made their way on the parchment page to Canterbury in Chaucer’s masterpiece. I’ll stick it out, even if it’s just to see how the author puts it all together. Plus, I need a good medieval tale every once in a while.


~ No Great Mischief. This is a re-read…I read it several years ago and have been wanting to re-read it again. It is a sad story that tracks a Scottish-Canadian family through several generations. Very moving, as I remember. We’ll see how the second go-round goes.


~ Excellent Women. My second Barbara Pym novel. Only a few pages in, but am looking for a moment to have a cup of tea and settle in. If this is as good as Jane & Prudence, I’ll be a happy camper!


On audio book, so I can simultaneously read and knit, it’s currently the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’m on the Return of the King now, so once it’s done (it’s so good!!), I think I’ll start listening to the Harry Potter series. I’ve got 6 of the 7 on audiobook, and I’m sure will be able to get the last by the time I’m through with 1 thru 6 (maybe January?). We shall see!


What are your favorite books…audio or otherwise?

Update…I totally forgot one in the pile!  What to Wear to See the Pope…on loan from a friend and I haven’t started it yet.  It looks good, though, and hopefully I’ll have a good book report soon.


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