Long promised pictures

I have pictures of New York City, now a week and a half ago, and of the Jaywalker, and of the seemingly minuscule progress that has been made on Ombre.

First, NYC. The weather was perfect, and we walked ourselves from Houston to Columbus Circle, zigzagging from West to East back to West side. What joy…I was ready to move back!

(click on the first picture for a link to the set in flickr)

We stayed with a friend of K.’s, who lives in a spectacularly located penthouse duplex near Union Square. He and his roommates are the internet company yoyonation.com. I found this very interesting…there is a huge yo-yo community out there! Who would have thought that a whole bunch of people who like to play with string would ever get together and…oh, wait. Really, though, these guys are awesome. A couple of the guys are world-class yo-yo players and K. and I got some really cool demonstrations. I have to say, watching a yo-yo champion strut his stuff is pretty riveting. If you’re in the market for a yo-yo, check them out, yo!

How ’bout a couple knitting pictures?

My first Jaywalker in STR, colorway Lucy (after a cute cat). I love the blue with the browns, and it is striping very nicely. Must be made for Jaywalkers. This will be going again once I feel better about the heel.

Ombre, which is long enough now to actually act as a blanket while I’m making it into one, as long as my feet are tucked up under me. I forgot how much I love this…the alpaca is just so soft.

Limes!! Teensy weensy little limes. This is so exciting.

And loads of new growth on the tree. This little guy loves the DC summer. I just hope he makes it through the winter (that will be interesting)




2 thoughts on “Long promised pictures

  1. Great photos Jessie!

    I went to NY in November and my pics are crap in comparison to yours! (on my blog somewhere if you’re interested…) We had terrible cloudy weather so no good light and you are clearly a better photographer than me!

    I love that STR Lucy. I keep seeing the colourway on blogs and I realy need to buy some!

  2. New York is so fun to visit. We are planning a trip for November, I think (it really isn’t that far away but you know, I like to plan). And your Jaywalker looks great, I think it highlights the colorway the best of all the pairings I have seen. You are going to have a great pair when you finish up!

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