Sail away with me…

or not.

Remember how I was nervous about sailing last week? Turns out it was not a problem. The mainsail rigging system was kind of broken on the boat, so we motored instead of sailing. We probably could have sailed if K. really wanted to, but I think he didn’t feel like wrestling with the sail and stressing me out at the same time. What a great guy. We had a blast–it was nice getting away just the two of us.

We were a little jealous of the others sailing away…

but that’s ok.

In my knitting world…progress! I have bound off Tuscany, and will block this weekend. I am so happy–I was finished well before the deadline (next Friday)! Pictures next week.

I needed something easy and fewer that 300+ stitches/row (ahem, Tuscany) to knit while hanging out at the Jefferson Memorial on the 4th of July, so I cast on for a Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I’ve knit it before and enjoyed the easy schmeasy pattern…I wanted to cast on for socks, but haven’t wound any yarn yet for them, and this Wildfoote yarn has been driving me crazy. It’s a super awesome rainbow-y yarn and I had two skeins, but really didn’t like the pooling in either skein in any of the socks I tried to knit with them…it had gotten to the point that I would knit anything to get it out of my stash. Chevron to the rescue!

Although you can’t tell, I’m actually alternating between the two skeins of yarn to avoid any more dastardly pooling, and I am actually enjoying knitting with this yarn, finally!

This weekend: a dear friend in town to visit, some blocking, and starting MS3 (yes, I’m waaaaay behind). Stay tuned…


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