a matter of perspective

What a gorgeous weekend! It was not too hot or too humid, perfect for being outside. Saturday we went sailing–a full day of sun and wind and water. The boat we were on had had an overzealous previous user who had over-furled the mainsail…I had to go up and yank it out, and got quite a workout on the lines! (K. is a member of a sailing club and we have access to a few boats…you never know what you’ll find) Good practice, though, since he and I are going–just the two of us–for a few days later this week. He steers, I (wo)man the sails.

I am a little ambivalent about the upcoming sailing trip. I love being on the water, and enjoy the boat and all, but I get really nervous when the boat heels (tips) to one side. It’s a visceral reaction. My head tells me that the boat won’t tip over and it’s made to heel the way it does, but my gut just tightens up and makes me want to curl up. Usually with others on the boat I can be quiet about it and ride it out, but with just K. and me, my nerves will be front and center. I am planning to take sailing lessons this summer–hopefully later this month–to try to overcome this fear through training and knowledge. Hopefully it will help. But in the meantime, I’m hoping to make it through the end of the week without a nervous breakdown.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was lovely as well. K. and I took in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (Lolly has some good pics) yesterday afternoon and then relaxed in the sculpture garden of the National Gallery of Art. K. and I had a drink at the cafe…

with a nice view of the National Archives :

And then we strolled through, before heading home.

I particularly liked this…depending on where you stand, the house looks totally different…pretty trippy on a hot summer afternoon in the bright sunlight!

We walked the couple of miles back home and saw this cute sight on our way:


Mama duck wasn’t too happy to see me…very protective of her little ducklings! I didn’t get closer than the zoom lens, but I imagine she’s right in being super protective…it’s a busy area and I could imagine some not-so-nice people getting closer and being more menacing than I was. Makes me think of “Make Way for Ducklings“…one of my favorite books as a child!

And yes, there was knitting! I am within reach of finishing Tuscany. Maybe this week??? I hope so!! Here it is, taking up more space than ever…

and a closeup…

hopefully one with no mistakes! I know I’ve got a few mis-knit-stitches in there, but feel pretty good about it overall…


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