Getting back into the groove…

Well, after a weekend of lots of R&R (and 1/2 day at work!!), things are getting back to normal after being out of town last week with the family. Despite the sad occasion, it was good to be with aunts, uncles and cousins. I know Grandma would have been glad to see us all together.

The family reconvenes again next month for my cousin’s wedding in NJ. It’s for this event that Tuscany must be finished! I am into the 9th repeat now. I think I’m only going to do 10, since I’m not very tall and don’t want the shawl to be too huge. If I finish at least a couple rows a day, I should be done knitting next week, and should be finished with blocking, etc. well in time for the wedding on July 20. Hurrah! A deadline I’ve actually met! (well, hopefully)

I’m getting a bit antsy to move on to other things…I’ve procured some new yarn while working on Tuscany, and they’re begging to be knit into socks.

STR in Lucy and In the Navy, and Sophie’s Toes in I’d Like Mine With Hot Sauce.

They don’t like being shelved…

So I’ve got to finish Tuscany asap!

Coming soon…a custom made Etsy order!!


One thought on “Getting back into the groove…

  1. Oh, I’m so glad I don’t have a wedding that weekend. I think reading the new Harry potter through the ceremony might be frowned upon. Love the Hot Sauce yarn.

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