WWKIP Day and other weekend fun: a haiku

had fun yesterday
saw knitters out and about
at work today, blah

Yes, it’s true, I’m working today. Working on weekends is a double edged sword. On one hand, the job I currently have affords me the chance at overtime, which is REALLY nice when I can get it. And it hasn’t been too forthcoming lately. So the opportunity to work a few hours OT on a weekend is something I try to take advantage of. Of course the downside is…well, it’s the weekend! I don’t want to be at work! Nevertheless, here I am.

Good thing I’ve had a good weekend up until now! It began with some pretty good karaoke on Friday night in honor of Tovah’s birthday:

K and the birthday girl

here’s the birthday girl with K…belting out Total Eclipse of the Heart (thankgoodness, usually I get stuck singing that with him…)

And the birthday girl and myself, a bit bedraggled after being thoroughly drenched by a sudden thunderstorm on the way to the bar.

After the night of fun, we had a lovely, leisurely day yesterday. We went to Eastern Market, where I was enjoying the sights so much I totally forgot to take pictures. If you’re from DC, you probably know that our beloved Eastern Market burned down in late April, and the city has done a great job of keeping the vendors there while a new building is put up (temporarily) and the old building restored. For more info, check out fellow knitter Shannon’s other site .

Anyway, we stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies, and then went over to the flea market where we met this lovely lady (whose name I’ve horribly forgotten):

She’s got a great booth of awesome hats, felted bags and other sundries that I need to revisit when I have more that $2 in my pocket. She was my first knitting in public sighting.

Tovah and I stopped over at Stitch DC to take a look at what they’ve got, and then, tuckered out by the blazing sun, we headed home. On the way, Tovah documented my contribution to the Worldwide Knit in Public Day celebration…

Woo-hoo! and on the Metro, to boot.

The rest of the day was spent lounging…a dip in the pool (the first of the summer), eating our pasta, tomatoes and feta bought at the market (with basil from the garden!), and of course, some spectacular Chocolate cake for the birthday girl. All good things.


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