What Font Are You?

Arial – You’re pretty normal. That’s certainly not a bad thing, as a lot of people like you.
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I was not pleased to see I’m merely normal, and less pleased to see that Arial is the “normalest” of fonts! At least it could be Helvetica (see the interesting article/slideshow over at Slate for an interesting take on the fonts…) If you check it out, though, you’ll see that over 50% of people are Arials, and that the other choices (except Lucinda) are pretty blah, so whatever.

Can you tell it’s a boring Friday afternoon at the office? I’m so ready for the weekend. I took pictures this morning for some eye candy/yarn p0rn, but I left my trusty connecting cable at home, so no pics this afternoon.

(Thanks to for the quiz and font fun.)


One thought on “Arial??

  1. “Times New Roman – You can come off slightly stodgy. You are often found in intellectual circles, but the average person finds you boring.” 9% of the quizzers are TNR, what a distinction–blah.

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