Sick day.

I rarely take a sick day. There are plenty of days where I would rather stay home than go to work, but I typically go anyway. Today was not one of those days. My sinuses have been unhappy lately, due to the terrible allergies in the DC area this time of year, and due to the complication suffered in the wisdom teeth removal. Just didn’t feel up to dealing with the office today. Of course, I remembered a deadline at 10:30 and spent a while trying to get in touch with my boss to make sure everything was covered, but all in all, it was good to stay home.

I finished two projects!

The smaller one was all but done a while ago, but the drawstring had to be finished and tasseled.

The larger one had been started sometime last month, but I hadn’t gotten far. Trekking to and from Baltimore with K’s parents over the weekend and some downtime yesterday gave me time to finish it except for the 3-needle bindoff and drawstring.

The sick day today was the perfect time to add two FO’s to my list. Hurrah!

The two pouches are from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, using Blue Sky Alpacas’ Alpaca & Silk.  The large one was in Spring, and the small in Plum.  The large took just over 1 skein; the smaller less than a skein.  I can see myself making many of these…quick (finally, something quick from LMKG!), mindless knits that are great for gifts.

Now back to our regularly scheduled work and projects: Tuscany and Ombre


3 thoughts on “Sick day.

  1. my allergies have been wretched too! just spent 3 days in bed with asthma attacks. so, i’ve been reading a lot of blogs and surfing design::sewing::inspiration sites. if you haven’t followed, rach is designing for blue sky now– and, as she is not an RWC prof anymore, she is a new drinking buddy of my little bro. so weird!

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