There and Back and There Again

So I ripped it out. It was going to bother me and confuse me if I kept on doing it wrong, so back to the beginning for me!
Before I ripped:
Before (2)

Back to square (ball?) one:

And by the end of the evening (Tuesday):

I haven’t gotten much further than that since Tuesday night as I had the lovely pleasure of having my wisdom teeth out yesterday. Not. Fun. I was pretty much out of it for the day yesterday. On the plus side, I have all day today to sit on my rear, apply frozen peas to the cheeks, watch movies and knit. Goal: another repeat or two!


One thought on “There and Back and There Again

  1. I’m jus tstarting tuscany (right now, actually on my lunch break) and i’m having trouble with my yo’s on the right side- knit facing. they are much bigger than my other yo’s on the left, did you find this aswell? I mean, is it something to be expected when yo’n while purling or am I off kilter?

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