A milestone

I finished my first pair of socks.




After many false starts, I am proud to say that I am a sock knitter! These are a gift for Fiona, my newly-knitting friend (who has just finished her first project), and I can’t wait to wrap them up and send them on their way.

The next project is…..not Isabella. Having gauge issues, and I’d rather get underway knitting something than trying not to get frustrated when my gauge is either 3 stitches too small or too big. Maybe another day I’ll be ready to duke it out with the gauge-master, but not this month.

So, the new project is Tuscany, from No Sheep For You. The needles should have arrived today, and here is the lovely silk I’m going to use (with the not so lovely color name “Taupe.” I prefer “Shimmering potential.”)

Shimmering potential

Now, I’m not allergic to wool but I LOVE this book. So many things I want to knit from there! I have a feeling that the yarn for Isabella from Knitty may end up as Eileen from this book.

And finally, a pretty picture for the day.

Tulip Star

Happy May Day!


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