Stash enhancement

This past weekend I went to see my friend Tovah in Minneapolis. Tovah and I were roommates while we were MA students at Fordham. She has since moved on to the University of Minnesota and I figured I should go see here there since I haven’t managed to visit her in the two years that she’s been living there. Tovah is a fellow knitter, and so I knew I’d get a bit of work done on my sock. I also needed a little trip to her local yarn shop since I have a friend who’s expecting a baby, and, well, needs cute knitted items for the new little arrival! Sucess was all around. An adorable sweater/hat set for Mackenzie Rose Stoebling (due early September), some sweet rainbow yarn for my next sock experiment, and various knitting accessories. I was quite pleased! Pictures to come, of the “first sock”, the pattern and yarn for the baby items, as well as a work in progress report of my current projects. ~Let me just note here that the last time I used “work in progress” to refer to anything it struck a note of dread into my heart since it was for an unbearably boring historiographical paper on the Cistercians and their economic practices in the 12th century. How nice that I can now use the term for all my knitting projects without worrying that I have papers to write! (sorry Tovah)


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